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Fast Flow! From the Basics To the Best!

Ok, Everyone knows that the basics of getting flow is just dancing, talking, grouping, and playing games. Well, they are right. Except, there is more complicated ways to get involved in. These ways are called fast flow. Fast Flow is a very specific way to get flow very fast without a boost( object or remidey that happens to make a character get flow faster than others), or playing games for over 24 hours. These specifics are certain games, certain moves, and certain words that make you earn flow very fast!
Fast Flow Words: 'cytopracter, 'cytopractor, ab select song
Fast Flow Games: Potion Panic, Bejeweled 2, Bubblegum Eater
Fast Flow Moves: Left hand shimmy, Arm lift, Birdy

Ivestigation Complete!

Ok, Remember when I said I was investigating!? Well, I completed it!!! They have upgraded the site! All residents get the monthly item, and the throne came out for August!! They also made a marketplace, where you can locate any store from wherever you are!!!!!!! In August we will be able to buy superhero items, and there will also be new games! Go check it out!!!!!!! I also want you to meet me now! (Look Down)